"Apartments and rooms in Slatine i Kastel Stari"
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House is located in peaceful surrounding distanced 150m from sea. House have both solar and central heating. There are well supplied grocery, restaurants, hospital and pharmacy near house.

1.    Staying in fully accommodate apartments:
        -    2-bed apartment with possibility of extra bed
        -    4- bed apartment with possibility of extra bed
        -    6 – bed apartment with possibility of extra bed
Apartments have kitchen, living – room, dining room, balcony and every room has fridge, TV and bathroom with toilet

2.    – staying in 2 2-bed rooms with possibility of extra bed, fully set – up kitchen and dining room, balcony, bathroom and WC, TV.

3.    – staying 2-bed rooms with balcony, bathroom and WC. Every room has fridge and TV.

Pleasant accommodation and closeness of mentioned buildings allows longer staying of elders and younger people even in period after and before season.



Apartments Slaven

Tel: +385 21 891 359
Tel: +385 21 230 159
GSM: +385 98 202 659
GSM: +385 98 931 7448
GSM: +385 98 931 7449